Makeup Solutions for Oily Skin


If like me you are blessed (Yes, I said blessed and I’ll explain why) to have oily skin and struggle to get a foundation to stay on all day without turning in to an oil slick, or (and this is my pet hate) you want an oil free foundation which isn’t super mattifying but instead gives you a gorgeous dewy finish, then read on!


First up, why are we lucky to have oily skin? Well, one of the huge advantages of having oily skin is that it camouflages fine lines and the signs of aging show at a far slower rate than any other skin type. So embrace it!!!


I have struggled for years to achieve the perfect dewy, glowing skin when made up because nearly every foundation I would get recommended at counters was oil free and mattifying due to my oily complexion. Some people love a matte look – great, but I’m afraid I don’t for myself. After sampling and trying countless foundations I have 3 firm favourites which I just adore and love the luminosity they give my skin.


First up and my absolute favourite:


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation



What they say: Silky, lightweight fluid foundation for seamless application. Capture the glow of perfect looking skin with Luminous silk foundation, an oil-free hydrating fluid with exclusive Micro-fil™ technology. Its lightweight and silky texture glides on seamlessly for an all-day, buildable coverage.


Why I love it: It applies like an absolute dream, seriously it goes on so smoothly, leaves a beautiful and healthy glow and the colour range is good (even for cool toned girls like myself).


2nd and close favourite


Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup



What they say: 15-hour staying power. Flawless all day. This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity.


Won’t change colour, smudge or come off on clothes. Feels lightweight and comfortable.


Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.


Why I love it: It is certainly the longest wearing out of my top 3 and provides the most full coverage too. It gives a gorgeous dewiness too but I feel the GA Luminous Silk beats it the dewiness/glow and that’s the most important thing to me in my foundation.


Last, but by no means least


Chantecaille Future Skin



What they say: This innovative oil-free, skin-smoothing foundation offers great coverage with a refreshing, lightweight texture.


A gel foundation with a unique ability to transfer water into the skin without the use of any oil, containing charged water and seaweed it is perfect for oily and combination skin. The formula provides adjustable medium to full coverage with light-reflective circular pigments that ease the appearance of flaws. Contains aloe, chamomile and arnica to calm irritation and soothe sensitive skin while rosemary, green tea and rice bran boost the immune system and help prevent oxidation.


Why I love it: This is my go to summer foundation. It’s so incredibly hydrating, lightweight and natural looking!! It provides the least amount of coverage out of my top 3 but I personally don’t require as much coverage in summer when I have a bit of colour about me so this is absolutely perfect for me and I love it! Please note though it doesn’t contain an SPF so be sure to pop on a sun protector underneath!


If you love your mattifying foundation and want to brighten it up a bit, I recommend the following products (which by the way I use with my aforementioned foundations for extra glow!).


Tom Ford Illuminating primer or Complexion Enhancing Primer – Provides a fabulous hydrating and illuminating canvas to apply your foundation on to and will radiate through your foundation.




Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer – Such a versatile product and my personal favourite shades are 2 and 11. I use shade 11 as a contour shade and also add it to my liquid foundation during the summer months to customise the shade to my tanned skin. Shade 2 is great for a highlight but also for mixing through your foundation to brightness.




Please note all views, opinions and comments in my blog are my own impartial views and are in no way associated with the brands or manufacturers mentioned or recommended. Please also note I cannot give direct 1:1 recommendations without meeting clients and discussing their own skin types and requirements. With this in mind, I cannot take any responsibility for any adverse reactions from products used, I always recommend trialling a product with a patch test if you feel you may have some kind of reaction.