Dior Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara

Anyone who knows me or any clients who have met me will know how much I love and appreciate a good mascara!


To me a good mascara defines, separates and boosts your lashes - but, I also expect it to last all day without smudging or flaking, and that's where I find a lot of mascaras let me down.


I recently tested out the new Dior Pump 'N' Volume mascara and I have to say i'm seriously impressed. Not only does it make my lashes look fuller and longer, it doesn't clump at all and it is absolutely carbon black - I mean the blackest mascara I have ever used. Most importantly though, it stays put all day without any panda eye appearing (lets face it, panda eyes are not a good look!!).


To apply, you simply squeeze the tube to disperse product on to the brush - at this point I would point out that I do not need to do this with every application as I found that I was actually getting too much product on the brush and it was a little hard to apply without overloading my lashes. The brush is fantastic too, an incredibly soft and flexible brush which doesn't drag through your lashes at all.


I absolutely love this mascara - please Dior, widen the colour choice (I do love a good coloured mascara!!).



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