Honest Considerations for Your Bridal Hair & Make Up Look

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I get asked over and over the same questions from my clients which of course I am more than happy to help with but I thought it might be a really useful thing to create a blog post on. So, with the help of my fabulous bride Leigh who had an amazing wedding at the Principal George Hotel in Edinburgh last year, we created this post. I directed a set of questions which are most commonly asked to Leigh and she gave her very honest and direct responses to each of them. For any brides to be, whether you’re one of my brides or have alternative arrangements, I just hope you find this information super helpful.

When you initially started thinking about your wedding day hair and makeup, did you know from the start what look you wanted to achieve?

I knew from the start what make up look I wanted – my vision was that I wanted a look that was me, but a better version of me. I wanted the look to be one of me that I would recognise and not look back at photos as unrecognisable! With regards to my hair, I thought I would want an up-do as that was always one of my “go to” looks that I would have for other occasions but I was uncertain so early on…

What resources did you use to give you inspiration when it came to your bridal hair and makeup and did anyone influence your look such as a famous bride, friends or family?

I didn’t rely on any famous brides… I figured what suits them may not be something that would definitely suit me. I found Pinterest was the best form of saving hairstyles and makeup ideas that I liked the look of and then thought I would use those initial ideas and tailor them to something more my style.

How did your choice of bridal gown influence the overall look of your hair and makeup?

I wanted to have a look that suited my dress, my dress was a princess style dress, strapless with a long train – an edgy / different look wouldn’t have suited it so I went with a very romantic look of soft curls and make-up that accentuated my best features.


How did you select your bridal hair and makeup artist?

As I don’t live in Scotland I had to do a lot of research myself, I really liked Lyn’s website and her photos and reviews were fantastic, once I booked my makeup trial in with Lyn I started to follow Lyn on Instagram so that I could get a better idea of other hair and makeup styles that she had done previously on other brides and I got on very well when I met Lyn who listened to exactly what I wanted and I felt comfortable enough to tell her if there was anything I wasn’t happy with.

How valuable an experience do you feel it was to you to have a hair and makeup trial before the big day?

I would definitely recommend to have a hair and makeup trial – that’s where you both work together on creating the look you, as a bride, want – it also saves undue stress on the big day when there are so many other things to think about!

What made you pick the final look that you decided upon?

Lyn and I worked very closely with one another leading up to my wedding, I had two different hair trials and one makeup trial but I continued to follow Lyn on Instagram and Facebook, keeping a close eye on all the brides and looks that she was creating for other people to see if there was something I wanted to tweak on the day. Lyn and I had a “down” hairstyle and an “updo” (both of which I loved) and thought I would take the time to choose so that I would know what I want on the day. Lyn loved the down style and it was something I had been leaning towards for a couple of weeks leading up to the wedding, with regards to my makeup we kept most of the look that we trialled the same except for my eyes – we stole a look that Lyn had created on a previous bride a couple of weeks prior to my wedding as we both thought that look would suit me better.

Are you glad you went for the look that you did or is there anything you would change about your makeup or hair reflecting back on the big day now?

Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier – Lyn made me feel beautiful that day, I felt absolutely amazing and it was exactly how I wanted to feel on my special day.

I often hear brides saying they feel pressured to choose the coveted ‘natural’ makeup look for their big day – did you feel like this at all? Furthermore, do you wish you had glammed up or toned down your makeup at all in hindsight?

I never felt pressurised to have a certain look, nor would I have changed the look I chose – some people like to have their makeup gothic, some people prefer sparkles, other people like their makeup bold and some prefer natural… the ‘beauty’ (pun intended) of having a makeup trial helps you to decide if you think a certain look will suit you or if you would rather stick to a look you know but enhance your favourite features.

Did you change anything about your skincare routine at all on the lead up to your big day?

I bought some lovely products about 3 months before the wedding which meant that my skin had time to get used to the products and to make sure that I was able to keep any spots at bay. I would definitely recommend cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day and doing a mask at least once a week.

Did you have any say or influence over how your bridesmaid(s) had their hair styled or what make up look they went for?

I chose my look and I chose the looks I wanted for my Maid of Honour, Bridesmaid and Flower Girl, I didn’t stray too far from the norm of what looks they already wear normally, again, I wanted them to feel comfortable without pushing them into a different look so I had them look quite natural but yet they still had makeup that accentuated their features.

Finally, Is there any advice you would give to other brides when it comes to their own wedding day beauty look and when selecting their own MUA and hair stylist?

The best advice I can give is to definitely have a trial run, it may cost you in money beforehand, but in the run up to the wedding I cannot assure you enough that spending the money will be priceless, it’s very stressful especially in the few weeks leading up to the wedding. Having the trial a few months beforehand gives you a better idea of what you want, and you can always tweak the look you are going for closer to the time, but who wants to have the stress of not knowing whether you will even like the look that the makeup artist will give you if you don’t try? Also having that trial helps you to build a relationship and to have an idea as to whether a look that you may want is even achievable?! There’s no point asking for a big updo if your hair is short, but at least this way having a trial means that your makeup artist and hair stylist can advise you if you need to invest in hair extensions or lash extensions or whatever you need to create the look you desire.

Huge thanks to both Leigh for taking the time to share her honest views and advice, and also to the massively talented Crofts & Kowalczyk Photography for supplying the stunningly beautiful images.

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