Wedding Day Lashes


By far the most commonly received question I am asked by my brides is regarding lashes. I receive messages and emails asking "should I get Lash Extensions, should I have LVL Lashes, how about strip or individual lashes....or should I just not bother"? So I have written this blog post which I hope will answer any questions on lashes.


Individual & Strip Lashes

I carry both individual and strip lashes in my kit in a few different looks, varying from the very natural to a fuller, winged out look. The difference between individual and strip lashes:


Individual (Cluster) Lashes - Little clusters of lashes that are glued into the lash line using a special adhesive. I tend to only use individuals if my client just wants lashes in the outer corners or to fill a little gap in their own lashes. They will last 1 day and should be removed with your makeup at the end of the day.


Strip Lashes - These are as the name suggests, lashes on a strip which reaches from the outer corner across to the finish of your own lashes. Again these are applied using a special lash adhesive. As with individual lashes, they will last 1 day and should be removed with your makeup at the end of the day.


The idea of these lashes is to give you amazing looking eyes which, along with your eye makeup, makes your eyes really stand out on a temporary basis.


The main thing about all of the lashes that I carry is that they are 100% human hair (sanitised of course!!). I find that this makes a huge difference when photographed, they don't have the same unrealistic shine that synthetic lashes appear to have therefore they look more like your own lashes but they look completely awesome! Furthermore the strip lashes that I carry are on an invisible band which means you don't get the heavy black line that you get with a lot of other strip lashes and you can also see the liner detail created underneath.


LVL Lashes

I personally love the LVL lash treatment. As a qualified LVL Lash Technician I can 100% recommend this treatment, the results are fantastic! Whether you naturally have short, downwards pointing or really fair lashes you'll notice a positive difference with LVL.


LVL stands for Length-Volume-Lift. It works by a setting serum being applied to straighten your natural lashes at the root thus making them look curled up, your lashes are then tinted, creating the appearance of mascara. LVL lasts for apx 6-8 weeks meaning they'll last not only your wedding day but also through your honeymoon.


As this treatment is completely on your own lashes, if you feel you'd like a further boost on your big day then you can easily add strip or individual lashes without affecting the LVL treatment - the best of both worlds.


If you've never had LVL before, I would recommend trying it out well in advance to make sure you do like the results.


Sadly I no longer carry out this treatment due to how busy I am with hair and makeup but I would highly recommend looking up a trained professional on the Nouveau Lashes website when looking for someone to go to.


Semi-Permanent Lashes

Semi-Permanent Lashes are lashes that are applied one at a time using specially formulated, semi-permanent glue.


If you decide this is the route you would like to go down, the best advice that I can give is that if you've never had them before then research carefully where you are going to get them. I have seen some truly amazing and beautiful semi-permanent lashes but equally I have seen some, which are completely unrealistic looking or are falling out already by the wedding morning. Try them first well before the big day to ensure you get a look that you love and to make sure they last a decent time for you. Semi-permanent lashes can last weeks so you really want to be sure you love the set you have for your big day!


I hope this helps, but as always if there's any questions I am happy to help so be sure to have a chat with me at your bridal trials or drop me an email before your big day.



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